FAQ regarding the basic test case of eVenetia.

What ​is ​eVenetia?

The ​Crypto-State ​eVenetia, ​the ​"Venetian ​Digital ​Republic", ​is ​a ​digital ​platform ​that ​aims ​to ​make ​life easier ​for ​registered ​users ​who ​will ​use ​public ​services ​and ​benefit ​from ​utilities ​that ​will ​be ​offered ​over time.

The ​"Venetian ​Digital ​Republic" ​eVenetia ​is ​the ​first ​virtual ​state ​entity ​that ​has ​provided ​the ​census service ​and ​anagraphic ​public ​registry ​through ​the ​Crypto-State ​technology.

The ​changed ​technological, ​economic ​and ​human ​behavior ​conditions ​that ​have ​characterized ​in particular ​the ​last ​century, ​opened ​new ​ways ​of ​providing ​public ​services ​on ​a ​new ​level ​inedited ​so ​far, that ​increasingly ​call ​into ​question ​the ​monopolistic ​nature ​of ​classical ​states ​in ​their ​administration.

The ​eVenetia ​Crypto-State ​intends ​to ​return ​to ​the ​citizens, ​who ​join ​in, ​all ​of ​their ​trading ​potential towards ​providers ​of ​"public ​nature" ​services, ​by ​creating ​an ​environment ​where ​they ​can ​use ​this services ​in ​a ​"protected" ​way.

How ​to ​register

Registration ​to ​eVenetia ​is ​very ​simple! ​You ​need ​only ​to ​provide ​your ​email, ​choose ​your ​favourite password ​and ​sign ​the ​TOS. ​After ​you ​completed ​your ​registration ​form, ​you ​will ​receive ​a ​confirmation email ​at ​the ​email ​address ​you ​provided: ​check ​it ​and ​click ​on ​the ​confirmation ​link ​you ​will ​find ​in ​it. ​Then your ​account ​will ​be ​automatically ​activated!

I forgot my password

On ​the ​login ​form ​you ​can ​click ​on ​“Forgot ​your ​password”, ​then, ​providing ​the ​email ​you ​registerd ​with, you ​will ​receive ​an ​email ​to ​reset ​your ​password.

How ​to ​apply ​for ​e-citizenship ​or ​e-residence

To ​apply ​for ​e-citizenship ​or ​for ​e-residence ​you ​need ​to ​login ​in ​eVenetia ​with ​the ​email ​and ​password you ​provided ​during ​registration, ​then ​go ​to ​your ​user ​profile ​clicking ​on ​the ​icon ​on ​hte ​top ​right, then ​selecting ​e-Groups ​on ​the ​left ​menu.

Depending ​on ​your ​geographical ​residence, ​you ​can ​apply ​for ​one ​of ​the ​avalaible ​e-Groups, ​providing ​the requested ​information.

Differences ​between ​the ​e-groups

There ​are ​3 ​different ​modes ​of ​registration ​to ​the ​Crypto-State ​eVenetia:

  1. Venetian ​Digital ​Citizenship ​(Venetian ​Digital ​Citizen)

    If ​you ​are ​a ​resident ​of ​Veneto, ​or ​the ​provinces ​of ​Brescia, ​Bergamo, ​Mantova, ​Cremona, ​Sondrio, or ​in ​the ​current ​Friuli ​Venezia ​Giulia ​region. ​Then ​you ​can ​apply ​for ​Venetian ​Digital ​Citizenship!

  2. Venetian ​Digital ​Nationality ​(Digital ​Venetian ​in ​the ​World)

    Are ​you ​of ​Veneto ​origin, ​but ​you ​are ​not ​resident ​in ​Veneto, ​or ​in ​the ​provinces ​of ​Brescia, Bergamo, ​Mantova, ​Cremona ​and ​Sondrio, ​or ​in ​the ​current ​Friuli ​Venezia ​Giulia ​region. ​Then ​you can ​apply ​for ​a ​Digital ​Veneto ​Nationality!

  3. Venetian ​Digital ​Residency ​(Venetian ​Digital ​Resident)

    If ​you ​are ​a ​citizen ​of ​the ​world ​who ​loves ​the ​Crypto-State ​of ​Veneto ​and ​shares ​its ​principles, ​but you ​are ​not ​resident ​in ​Veneto, ​or ​in ​the ​provinces ​of ​Brescia, ​Bergamo, ​Mantua, ​Cremona, Sondrio, ​or ​in ​the ​current ​Friuli ​Venezia ​Giulia ​region. ​Then ​you ​can ​apply ​for ​Veneto ​Digital Residency!

What​ ​service​ ​are​ ​avalaible​ ​on​ ​eVenetia?

The first services avalaible are the functions of Anagraphic registry and Public census, through the e-citizenship and the e-residence application forms.

The full Cripto State technology and services will be made available according to a timeline that will follow the individual development phases.

By the end of 2017, the functions of Anagraphic registry and Public census will be available.

Within the first half of 2018 civic and community functions will be available (beginning with the electoral consultation and civic proposals). In the following semester the first public services will be usable.

During the course of 2019, the registration platform for traditional and digital companies will be completed, providing integrational protocols for third parties and providers who wish to offer their services to the digital community of the Crypto-State eVenetia.

My​ ​Digital​ ​Identity​ ​will​ ​be​ ​protected?

The first and most important scope of protection provided is the "digital" identity of citizens and residents who register to the eVenetia Crypto State. No third party will have access to the real data of the citizen that uses a particular service, unless he decides to reveal it himself. The Crypto-State eVenetia will provide the service of certification of the digital identity of the citizen to third parties, preserving therefore their physical identity.

For​ ​who​ ​it​ ​is​ ​eVenetia?

The Crypto-State eVenetia is a technology that address communities that can be of a territorial type, or based on criteria of shared principles. In any case the Crypto-State complies with the international legal architecture and the classic jurisdictional areas with which it interacts, starting with the European Union Community law.